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I’m Lucky I’m Not a Dog

Hey Guys, Libby here. I have a bone to pick with snow. Specifically, New York snow. If you were unfortunate enough to leave the house this weekend, the picture to the left is probably what you saw. Now don’t be fooled. This picture is a bit deceptive. […]

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I’m really not a hater

Hey guys, It was recently brought to my attention that I come off as a bit of a hater. That I’m not an equal opportunist reporter when it comes to the capabilities of the PPAC. That…I only report on animals of the feline persuasion. But it’s not […]

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I resolve to…

Hey Guys! Libby here. I realize this should have probably been the first post of the New Year but hey, what can you do. So first of all, Happy New Year! Hope you all had amazing Christmases, Chanukahs, Kwanzaas etc. And now that it’s a new year, […]

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A Chrismukah Miracle

Hey Everybody, Libby here. Do you remember a few weeks ago when I wrote a post about a cutie-patootie kitten named Oscar? Well have I got a story for you! This little guy is amazing! When he was first found, he was not in the best situation. […]

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