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Thyroids and Tablets

Hi All, Libby here. I hate to state the obvious but do you know we’re about half way through the summer? It’s just flown by. Though from my vantage point, I have no real indicator of time passing other than the relative amount of sweat on people’s […]

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Weekend at Robbie’s

Hi All, Libby here. Today, I have a special treat for you all. You’ve seen the breadth of my talents and my abilities to write about topics ranging from medical maladies to comical conquests. I’ve sufficiently proven my abilities. I’m clearly a talented writer. But, everyone needs […]

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Long Live Cats!

Hi All, Libby here. Are you beating the heat? This weather is oppressive! But you probably know that even more than I do. All of you outside-venturing folks are survivors! Well, today I want to talk about some other mammals who seem to have become survival experts. […]

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Utterly Pointless and Completely Adorable

Hi All, Libby here. I hope you all had barbecue and firework filled, thundershirt-free Fourths of July (and by the way, if you haven’t heard of the thundershirt, that link bears clicking!) So, I know that for the past few weeks, my posts have been less than […]

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