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The tale of Libby and Sparky

Hi All, Libby here. You know how I like to try to get my posts written early in the week? Well, this week kind of got away from me. It was one of those super busy ones where I didn’t have a moment to spare—it’s tough being […]

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C’est Pucci!

Hi All, Libby here. I have a new best friend. He’s small. He’s white. And he’s from Malta. I’m sure you’re just dying to know who my new, foreign friend is, right? Ces’t Pucci! For those of you who don’t speak FRANNCHHH, that means ‘It’s Pucci!’ As […]

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Oh baby, don’t leave me this way.

Hi All, Libby here. The great Thelma Houston,  really understood what it meant to be left behind. Abandoned. Neglected.  Although the topic of this week’s post is nowhere near that melodramatic, it is about a pertinent topic- leaving pets behind.  Whether for an hour, a day or a week, […]

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