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What’s that smell????

Hi All, Libby here. Hope you all had memorable Memorial Days! The weather may not have been great but I know that won’t stop you crazy kids from having a fun time. Speaking of memorable experiences, I have a funny story for you. Last week, I was […]

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Scratch that itch!

Hi All, Libby here. Is it ever going to get warm out?At this rate, I’m seriously doubting it. The worst part is, we’re getting all the crappy parts of the season with none of the benefits. Allergies for instance are one of the many seasonal afflictions both […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi All, Libby here. Do you know what day it was yesterday? You’d better know the answer! It was Mother’s day. I love taking advantage of holiday themed posts because they serve both as ways to mark the passing of time (how deeply profound of me) and, […]

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It’s spay time

Hi All, Libby here. Today’s topic is not entirely new. In fact, we spoke about it to some extent in a previous post—The truth about cats and dogs. But, it’s incredibly important, which is why I’m dedicating another post to it. And the topic is…spaying and neutering […]

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