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All cats are created equal

Hi All, Libby here. I sort of completely lied in the title of this post. All cats are most definitely not created equal. I mean…we’re all beautiful exotic creatures. But we have different unique characteristics that make each of us special. Take these Cheetahs for instance. They’re […]

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This is the story of a lovely lady

Hi all, Libby here. Did you miss me? DID YOU MISS ME!? I know you missed me. And you know what? I kind of missed you too! (Though it was amazing to have a little time off!) For my re-emergence into the blogosphere, I have a very […]

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Gone Fishing

Hi All, Libby here. Except not. In honor of our day of Independence, and in honor of my desperately needing a vacation, I’ve decided to give myself a little vacation—my own independence days(s) if you will. This week and next, I’ll magnanimously give myself and all my […]

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Appearance is nine-tenths of the law

Hi All, Libby here. I know I botched that saying. But I have creative license here so just go with it. Animal owners, I have a question for you. How much do you spend each week, month, or year on personal grooming? Between the manis and the […]

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