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A cautionary tale

Hi All, Libby here. For today’s post, I’m going to do something a bit out of the ordinary. I’m going to tell a story whose ending I do not know. I tend to try to shield you all from negativity and the sometimes sad stories of veterinary […]

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It’s all about heart (and lungs) part 2

Hi All, Libby here. I know we’ve been having fun over the last few weeks with our posts about African animals and the anxieties of being a cat. But as you all know, I like to mix up these posts with a good combination of fun and […]

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All cats are (not) created equal. Part 2

Hi All, Libby here. Remember a few weeks ago when I discussed my much larger, fiercer feline companions in the animal kingdom? Well, I’d be remiss to not follow up on that post with some AMAZING pictures that the Silvermans gathered while on Safari in the vast […]

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Things aren’t always what they seem

Hi All, Libby here. As we look down the barrel of the quickly diminishing summer months, I’ve decided to use the post to be a bit reflective. It seems ironically fitting as we think about the easy simplicity of balmy beach days, for me to talk about […]

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