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Outside the box

Hi All, Libby here. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘Outside The Box‘. However, the story I’m about to share doesn’t so much relate to the metaphorical phrase as it does the literal one. This is the tale of a cat who was going to the […]

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A month filled with pink

Hi All, Libby here. Lately, I’ve noticed an abundance of pink. Pink shirts. Pink scarves. Pink cupcakes. Pink cats even. Now normally, this quantity of pink may be cause for alarm. Have I gone colorblind, henceforth only capable of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? (perhaps not […]

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Stop the madness!

Hi All, Libby here. You know what happens when you give people the liberty of free speech and combine it with the internet—a virtual repository for anything and everything that even the most sick and deranged of minds can come up with? Mayhem, thats’s what. Absolute and […]

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Hey Fat Cat

Hi All, Libby here. This week’s topic is one that you might not think afflicts animals. Well, though it is traditionally a malady associated with humans, it definitely affects animals. And when it does, the results can be dire. I’m talking about anorexia. Now don’t get me […]

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