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A Small Dog with A Big Heart

Hi All, Oscar here. Is it me or are people friendlier around the holidays? More people saying please and thank you. More people holding doors open for one another. More people volunteering? I don’t know if it’s the holiday season that brings out people’s generous spirits but […]

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O Christmas Tree

Hi All, Oscar here. After our brief departure, we’re back to holiday themed posts. And this week’s is one that I’m personally quite proud of. Here’s a question for you. What happens when you leave out a pair of your favorite shoes and your dog is around? […]

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All blocked up

Hi All, Oscar here. Hope you stayed warm and toasty in this bitterly cold weather and avoided getting run over by a drunken reindeer at santacon. And just for the record, I wholeheartedly agree with any anti-santacon sentiment—that event is pure mistletoe mayhem!!! So, I kind of […]

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Bringin’ home some fur

Hi All, Oscar here. As the writer of this blog (it’s finally really setting in that this is true), I feel I’ve earned my right to utilize creative license. Although the headline of this post may be somewhat deceptive, as an animal rights activist, I can guarantee […]

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Haircuts and face-holes

Hi All, Oscar here. Today’s story is a goodie. Do you ever think about what goes on underneath all our fur? Have you ever seen a wet cat or dog? We look completely different than our normal selves, right? That’s because our hair, far more so than […]

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