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Poo Coffee and other exotic treats

Hi all, Oscar here. I was just chatting with Dr. Silverman’s daughters and you’ll never guess where they just got back from. Yea…there’s really no way you’ll guess. It’s Bali! While we were chatting, I of course felt the need to ask them what type of animals […]

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One Nut Mutt

Hi All, Oscar here. As you may have guessed, this blog is indeed about a dog, his nuts and a somewhat unusual request. This pooch comes into the PPAC with his owner requesting that he be neutered. But instead of removing both testicles, as is standard,  his […]

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Liver in my chest

Hi All, Oscar here. You’ve probably heard all manner of expressions about body parts residing in atypical locations, i.e. wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve, or holding one’s heart in one’s hand. Apparently, there are a lot of heart-related euphemisms. Well today, I’m not going to talk about […]

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For the love of animals

Hi All, Oscar here. Why do people have pets? For companionship, obviously. For tireless love and a furry friend to snuggle up with. For someone to keep around the house so that when you’re home alone, it doesn’t really seem like you’re talking to yourself. This beautiful, […]

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Cats On Parade

Hi All, Oscar here. In the illustrious history of animals on the internet, I firmly believe that we have not only the most entertaining selection of videos, gifs, images and memes, we also have the widest range. And I would be remiss, as a cat, to not […]

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