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Things are about to get messy

Hi All, Oscar here. When adults reach a certain age, it sometimes happens that they can no longer care for themselves. They lose certain faculties and often even the ability to take care of themselves. Sometimes this is a result of nothing more than age. Sometimes it’s […]

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An unquenchable thirst

Hi All, Oscar here. Remember a few weeks ago when I told a strange but true story about a cat whose liver was in its chest? Well, this week’s story is another ‘strange but true’ tale. A dog came into the PPAC who wouldn’t drink water! It […]

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Passover for Pets

Hi All, Oscar here. Has anyone noticed how many posts I write about holidays? I write about pet food, pet gifts, pet holiday warnings.  Pet do’s and don’t’s. It’s all highly relevant and informative (obvi) but I did notice my apparent predilection for holiday themed musings. Well, […]

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It Could Always Be Worse

Hi All, Oscar here. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took 4 dogs, 3 cat and 4 humans and put them into a single home? Or what would happen if you removed 2 of these humans, 2 of the cats and one of the […]

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