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What’s big and pink and growing in your ear?

Hi all, Oscar here. Have you ever had an ear infection? You know the ones where your ear feels like it’s completely jammed full of crud or you feel like you can’t stand straight it hurts so much? I have! And it’s not fun! Just like humans, […]

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A few more reasons why pets rule

Hi All, Oscar here. In addition to connecting you, my beloved readers, to the inner workings (and noteworthy) cases at the PPAC, I also view myself as your envoy to the rest of the animal kingdom. Which means that any time something notable happens pertaining to furry […]

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Vaccines can save your pet

Hi All, Oscar here. After last week’s miraculous story of survival, I have a story that is unfortunately much less optimistic. A while ago, my beloved predecessor, Libby, wrote an article about the importance of vaccinating a new pet. That particular tale pertained to a sad story […]

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Miracle Dog

Hi All, Oscar here. Have I got a crazy story for you! You know how they say cats have 9 lives? Well, just this past week, I heard a story that makes me think dogs might have more than one as well. The story is about the […]

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