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Miraculous Cats

Hi All, Oscar here. Do you remember The Real World? If you don’t (and bless your heart-it means you’re a real young’un), it was basically the first iteration of reality TV that we ever experienced. At the time an incredibly novel idea–filming real people living real lives—this […]

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Cruelty is cruel

Hi All, Oscar here. I have a bone to pick. Whoever had the audacity to leave a poor, elderly, adorable, boxer who was bleeding from her mouth, outside of the PPAC last week, shame on you. Worse even than the mere fact that you abandoned your animal, […]

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Nothing to Puke Over

Hi All, Oscar here. It’s Monday! Yay. Ok Monday’s are not really cause for celebration. Especially considering that they follow Sunday which…follows Saturday, the New York equivalent of party night (well…technically, every night is party night- Thirsty Thursday, Sunday Funday and so on but, Saturday’s are often […]

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Kidneys and Kidney Beans

Hi All, Oscar here. First of all, Happy Labor Day! I hope you are all spending your days celebrating and enjoying your day off. And unlike me, I hope you’re actually taking the day off rather than working (as an avid blogger, my work never ends!) While […]

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