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My sister from another mister

Hi All, Oscar here. How were your weeks? Mine kind of sucked! But sadly, we’re not here to talk about me. The one little uplifting moment in my dreary week was the arrival of a kitten to the PPAC. This kitten can only be described as my […]

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Pop that Sucker

Hi All, Oscar here. I’m about to get a bit gross here so brace yourselves if you’re the squeamish sort. Have you ever gotten a pimple with a white head. A nice, ripe head that you can squeeze just so, perfectly extracting it’s oozing, pus-filled center? Yea, […]

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Let the doctors do the diagnosing

Hi All, Oscar here. We’ve all done this before. There’s no need to be embarrassed. You hear about a symptom. Maybe a runny nose or a fever. Or maybe something more sinister—skin discoloration, bumps. You immediately take to the web. First stop is WebMD. You furiously type […]

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Coop in the city

Hi All, Oscar here. Have I got a weird story for you this week! When you think about household pets, you think dogs, cats, mayybeee an iguana or bird or even a guinea pig here or there. Ya know what you don’t think? Chickens! That’s right, chickens. […]

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