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The Great Impersonator

Hi All, Oscar here. Have you ever thought something was different when you saw it than what it turned out to actually be (kind of like that cat dressed as a lobster?) I know that was super confusing but bear with me…you’ll get my drift when you […]

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Adoption Woes

Hi All, Oscar here. So you know how much I advocate adoption. I think it’s amazing and everyone should do it. There are certainly more than enough animals out there in need of homes. That said, when you adopt a new pet, there are sometimes previously existing […]

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Always keep a short leash

Hi All, Oscar here. Spoiler alert—this week’s story is a real tear jerker so brace yourselves. Just yesterday, I overheard a conversation between Dr. S. and one of his daughters. For those of you who may not know, Dr. S. is a pretty hard core cyclist. In […]

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Show me your teeth!

Hi All, Happy Monday! And happy belated Halloween. In case you missed the dog parade in Tompkins Square Park here are some pretty amazingly adorable pets in costumes. Now that the holiday is over however, here’s a song from a lady who appreciates the art of costumery—Ms. Lady […]

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