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Too much chocolate

Hi All, Oscar here. The words ‘too much’ and ‘chocolate’ are not often found near one another. The very notion is fairly preposterous- too much chocolate??? There is however one exception to this rule and that is when it comes to dogs and the consumption of said […]

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The Great Impersonator Part 2

Hi All, Oscar here. Everyone getting ready for the holidays? (or if you’re Jewish, you’re already in the midst of Chanukah). Whatever you celebrate, I want everyone to know how much I LOVE this time of year. I hope someone buys me a massive ball of catnip… […]

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Hi All, Oscar here. Now that Thanksgiving’s over, do you know what time it is? That’s right! It’s time for Mariah Carey to start crooning All I Want For Christmas Is You and for Jose Feliciano to start singing Feliz Navidad. It’s also time for the purchasing of […]

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The Pardoning of the Turkey

Hi All, Oscar here. I hope you all had safe and wonderful Thanksgivings. Turkey’s not really my thing (being a cat and all) so I did manage to escape the holiday unscathed by the usual addition of a few pounds. Though I must say, in spite of […]

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