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An act of kindness

Hi All, Oscar here. Hope you didn’t miss me too much last week. I was on a little kitty vacay (even avid writers such as myself deserve a break now and again, don’t you think?) While I was gone, Dr. S. told me about this incredible story […]

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A little love

Hi All, Oscar here. While surfing the web recently, I stumbled upon a story that is near and dear to my heart. It was a human interest piece (well, and an animal interest piece, I suppose) about the positive effects love can have on individuals. This story […]

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Hey- are you from Tennessee?

Hi All, Oscar here. Did you hear the one about the dog from Tennessee? Coz he’s the only Ten I See. Ha ha ha. I crack myself up. No but really, last week, a dog came in who had been recently adopted from Tennessee who was not […]

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Everybody must get stoned

Hi All, Oscar here. When Bob Dylan sang his (in)famous song, Rainy Day Woman (Commonly known as ‘Everybody must get stoned’) , I have the sneaking suspicion he was not talking about bladder stones. What are bladder stones, you ask? Excellent question. Bladder stones are kind of […]

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