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A case of the sniffles

Hi All, Oscar here. Did you know that dogs can get runny noses? I know, right!!? I didn’t either! Well, last week, I found out that yes, it is in fact possible. An adorable Newfoundland puppy came into the PPAC last week with a case of the […]

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The Incredible Body

Hi All, Oscar here. Did you all turn out this weekend to watch the Brooklyn Half Marathon? It was amazing. Not only do I love that it’s in my favorite boro—Brooklyn, obvi—but it also is just pretty amazing to think about the feats of the body and […]

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Loving Animals in Los Angeles (LA IN LA)

Hi All, Oscar here. Hope everyone had amazing weekends. I sure did. Well OK truthfully,  I had an amazing weekend living vicariously through Dr. Silverman’s daughter, Jamie who visited California this week for a TV shoot (rough life, right?) As creative director of this blog, I have […]

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We Love Animals

Hi All, Oscar here. How often do you see a cute cat or dog (or really, any fluffy creature) and think, ‘Dang, I want to pick that furball up and cuddle it so hard!’ If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely an animal lover so I […]

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