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The virtues of micro chipping, part 1,000

Hi all, Oscar here. I’ve written before about the virtues of microchipping so I hope you’re not sitting there rolling your eyes thinking ‘there he goes on his soapbox again’. I know I can have the tendency to go on a bit when it comes to things I feel […]

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The learning never stops

Hi all, Oscar here. In today’s world, technology changes in the blink of an eye. Remember how infatuated we were when the first iPod came out? Since then, that tiny little musical device has adapted and evolved countless times, in a far shorter period of time than […]

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A medical mishap gone right

Hi All, Oscar here. Have you seen the movie Young Frankenstein? Now I may be dating myself here but it’s a classic movie about the creation of Frankenstein—with a humorous twist. Anyway, without giving too much away, the plot point that’s relevant to this story is the […]

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A Taste For Tail

Hi All, Oscar here. Forgive the potentially provocative title of the post—I couldn’t help myself! And in spite of its seemingly lighthearted nature, the subject matter is anything but. Last week, a dog came into the PPAC with a tail that looked mangled beyond words. The owner […]

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A terribly troubled terrier

Hi All, Oscar here. First of all, what a GORGEOUS weekend. Spectacular, right? Hope you all got some time outdoors to enjoy the majesty that was this weekend. Now, onto more important matters of discussion, namely, the tale of a terribly troubled terrier mix (say that ten […]

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