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Don’t Fall for Fall

Hi All, Oscar here. You know that April showers bring May flowers. So what does that mean for fall? Well, in this case fall brings some unexpected pet-related woes. You probably don’t necessarily think about the autumn as a time to be particularly hyper vigilant—winter is freezing […]

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The incredible tweeting chicken

Hi All, Oscar here. As you know,I feel it is my duty to keep you fully up to speed on all things amazing and incredible that are animal related. Well ladies and gents, I believe we members of the animal kingdom have truly outdone ourselves with  this one. […]

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A tilt of the head

Hi All, Oscar here. In today’s world,  a tilt of the head can mean any number of things. It might be an inquisitive gesture. Or the predecessor to a head nod. But then there are the head tilts that have no ulterior meaning or motive whatsoever—I’m talking […]

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