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Kiss Me I’m Irish

Hey All, Oscar here. As you know, whenever any member of the Silverman family or, the staff of the PPAC visits a foreign country, I appeal to them to bring me back pictures of animals in foreign countries so that we can compare them to the amazing […]

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Cornish Rexes, Not To Be Confused with Cornish Hens

Hi all, Oscar here. Have you ever heard of a Cornish Rex? Yea, I hadn’t really either. I’m not much for fancy designers and a Cornish Rex is most definitely a designer cat. Just look at that sassy little minx there. Adorable for sure in their own […]

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Asthma and Allergies

Hi All, Oscar here. It is a sad but true fact, that as many animal lovers as there are out there, there are probably an equal number of people who can’t stand to be around pets. Within this demographic, there are two categories. The first, are haters—people […]

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An Unlucky Penny

Hi All, Oscar here. This week, I’m going to share the tale of a dog and a very unlucky penny. Everybody knows that pennies are lucky…well, sort of. (I for one have never actually experienced the supposed ‘luck’ that a penny brings but that’s sort of besides […]

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A Weekend of Wonders

Hi All, Oscar here. Did you all have good weekends? I sure did! Wanna know why? Well, unless you’re living under a rock, you know that this past weekend was one for the books, one where not one, but two fantastic things happened. The first, Halloween. With […]

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