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Beautiful yet dangerous

Hi All, Oscar here. I’m sure that after reading the title of this blog, you were anticipating a tale reminiscent of a soap opera-think ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’ Well, sorry to disappoint—this blog is not going to be one of those stories. It is however going to […]

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An impossible decision

Hi All, Oscar here. I want you to take a moment to think about your best friend. How much fun you have with them. How much you love having them around you. Ok, now, think about what would happen, if you were presented with the decision to […]

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Bernie and the Brazil Nuts

Hi All, Oscar here. This past weekend was a major cause for celebration—Dr. and Mrs. S.’ eldest daughter, Sydney, got married to a lovely young fellow (yup, I’m officially an old man) named David. All weekend long, family and friends were in town, celebrating, preparing, eating and drinking. […]

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I resolve to be a better cat

Hi All, Oscar here. First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Secondly, here’s my question; New Years was technically last Thursday. Today is Monday, which means New Years festivities wrapped up somewhere roughly around last Friday morning. Is it still appropriate to wish people a Happy New Year or […]

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