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It pays to be nice

Hi All, Oscar here. If you’re anything like me, every day, you wake up and try to be nice. You aim to not piss anyone off, or annoy excessive amounts of people. You try to smile at everyone and be as friendly as possible, but it’s not […]

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Sharing is caring

Hi All, Oscar here. You know how sometimes, when you’re down and you pick up your pet and maybe scratch their ears a bit or rub their belly and you just instantly feel better about everything? Well, there was a recent case at the PPAC that taught me […]

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You are what you eat

Hi All, Oscar here. Have you ever been in one of those situations where you’re sitting there thinking, ‘I really want to eat that but I know I shouldn’t”? Cases in point might include cupcakes, brownies, chocolate and deep fried everything. Well, for better or worse, as humans […]

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Tired as a dog

Hi all, Oscar here. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression—dog tired. Now, many expressions exist for a reason—needle in a haystack, kill two birds with one stone, etc. These expressions actually make sense—it is truly challenging to find a needle in a haystack. On the other hand, the […]

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