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Are you Peeved at Punxsutawney Phil?

Hi All, Oscar here. I think we can all comfortably agree that there are a lot of important players in the animal kingdom. We have our lions (who strike fear and reverence in all who see them) dolphins (the Einsteins of the crowd) dogs (mans best friend, […]

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Special needs for special kitties

Hi All, Oscar here. As most of you hopefully know by now, I’m a special needs cat. I’m not saying that to garner sympathy or to ask to be treated differently. I’m just stating the obvious. I have a disease called cerebellar hypoplasia which means that I […]

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Three-Legged Lame

Hi All, Oscar here. This week’s subject is actually one that it’s a bit odd we have not yet discussed as it’s one that’s of the utmost importance to Dr. S. This medical affliction is in fact one that is near and dear to the good doc’s […]

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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

Hi All, Oscar here. In what is possibly the cutest story I’ve ever heard in all my kitty years, Dr. S. recently told me about a lion, a tiger, and a bear, who were the best of friends. BEST. FRIENDS. And no, this is not the beginning […]

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