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An obstructing obstruction

Hi All, Oscar here. Hope everyone is having a great memorial day! I am. And thanks to Dr. S. and the PPAC staff, so did this little one year old kitty who recently came into the PPAC. Last week, a one year old cat with a low […]

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Farewell, my friend

Hi All, Oscar here. Over the past few years, I’ve brought you all manner of stories, from the sublime to the ridiculous, the gross to the adorable, the happy to the sad. As a resident of the PPAC, I usually am capable of keeping a bit of distance […]

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Who’s got your nuts?

Hi All, Oscar here. There comes a time in every animal’s life where a decision is made for them which will impact the rest of their lives. It’s done for their health and well being with no malicious intent or anything but the best interests of the […]

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The nose knows

Hi all, Oscar here. When you sit down in front of a steaming dish of your favorite food, all your senses are on high alert. First, you see the food in all it’s delicious glory. Then, you smell the food and the aromas waft into your nose. […]

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High Blood Pressure—not just for humans

Hi All, Oscar here. A lot of humans struggle with a little thing called high blood pressure. The stress of our crazy lives, the love of salty food—it all contributes to this malady. Not surprisingly, humans are not the only mammals who suffer from this—dogs and cats […]

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