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The story of Woodstock

Hi all, Oscar here. If you’re people of a certain age, the word ‘Woodstock‘ brings up memories of bacchanalian festivals replete with hippies, anti-Vietnam war sentiment, free love and incredible music. Or, of course, Snoopy’s better half. Either of these may very well be the origin for the […]

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Between a rock and a hard place

Hi all, Oscar here. Have you ever looked up and noticed your dog chowing down—really going to town—on something they’ve picked up off the street? Maybe a bone, a tasty piece of trash, or even, sometimes, poop (their own or someone else’s)? Or what about a rock? Yep, […]

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Keeping cool when the weather’s not

Hi all, Oscar here. As I sit writing from my air conditioned perch, grateful for my indoor-cat status, I think about how lucky I am to not have to suffer through this oppressive heat. All day long, I see people walking in and out of the office […]

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A fear of fireworks

Hi All, Oscar here. Hope you didn’t miss me and musings too much last week. Even cats such as myself (whom you may assume don’t  do much but sit around all day) need vacations. So last week, I decided to just kick it and give myself a […]

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