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Rocky Raccoon

Hi All, Oscar here. First off, to set the stage for this post, I’d like you to listen to one of my all time favorite Beatles songs, Rocky Raccoon. Just click play down there. OK now that that’s done, I have an unfortunate story to share about raccoons.  You […]

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Welcoming Dr. Nick!

Hi All, Oscar here, I have some very exciting news about a topic that we have all been anxiously awaiting. After months of anticipation, the PPAC is proud to welcome it’s newest doctor, drumroll please….Dr. Nick Silverman! I for one can’t get over the sheer adorableness of father […]

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Gobi in the Gobi

Hi All, Oscar here. Have you ever run a marathon? A triathlon? Or done an extreme event of any kind? I have not because as you’ve heard me say so many times before, I’m a cat and we don’t do that. And to be quite honest, before I […]

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A case of the shakes

Hi all, Oscar here. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people having bizarre allergic reactions. Allergies to things like water, coins, even the sun.  Not surprisingly, strange allergies are not strictly relegated to people—they also impact members of the animal kingdom.   Last week, a five month old […]

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