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Cats and their nine lives

Hi All, Oscar here. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that cats have nine lives. Though I am a cat, I never took it upon myself to test this theory and wasn’t entirely sure if the purported rumor was true. That is until very very recently. Last […]

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Paw of Glass

Hi all, Oscar here. You know that great Blondie song that always gets your toe thumping and your hips shaking—Heart of Glass? Well, as much as we love that story is as much as dogs hate it when they’re afflicted with glass of another kind—paws of glass. […]

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The dangers of the great outdoors

Hi All, Oscar here. A few weeks ago, we talked about raccoons, one of the many dangers of outdoor cat living. Well, as much as I know we all want to roam freely, unencumbered by four walls, the sad truth is, if you have a cat and you […]

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Can Dogs Speak Human?

Hi All, Oscar here. How many times have you called to your pooch and said ‘walk?’ and when they came running, you couldn’t help but wonder if it’s because they know that a walk is imminent, they recognize the tone of voice you used to let them […]

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