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A case of the munchies

Hi All, Oscar here. Last week, a cat came into the PPAC looking nothing short of wild. Eyes were all crazy-like and he was all kinds of wound up. Just completely frenetic. Taking a quick look at the kitty didn’t immediately trigger any physical ailments that appeared […]

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A few of our favorite things

Hi All, Oscar here. This week’s blog is less about biology and more about…anatomy. Not usually keen on the objectification of other species, in this particular case, it serves a greater good and, well, I imagine there’s a number of readers out there who will be more […]

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A perpetually inquisitive cat

Hi All, Oscar here. You may recall a few months ago, a blog that I penned about a cat with a crooked head. A cat, in fact, who came to be adopted by Dr. and Mrs. S. This isn’t exactly a common occurrence which is why it […]

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Oh to grow old

Hi All, Oscar here. If you have an elderly family member or friend, you may not be a stranger to witnessing some of the impacts of aging. As we get older our bodies, sometimes don’t function as well as they did in our youth. And if you […]

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Hi All, Oscar here. As you know, the great Mohammed Ali passed in June. Now, though this blog is not actually about boxers as the title may imply, it is about a condition that affects boxers, cats, and dogs alike. Weird, I know that such a disparate group […]

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