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The Silent Killer

Hi All, Oscar here. I hope you all survived/enjoyed your respective Thanksgivings. I  heard rumors that this year in particular was likely to be a complex one at some households due to divisive political views. Regardless, I hope you all found happiness and comfort being with your […]

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Pets eat the darndest things

Hi all, Oscar here. Remember that TV show, Kids Say the Darndest Things? Well, apparently, pets eat the darndest things. I mean it’s pretty standard for dogs to put everything they see into their mouths from chicken bones, to rocks, to cat poop. Yes, dogs will even eat […]

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The lions of the sea

Hi All, Oscar here. I think it’s safe to say that it has been an exhausting week for everyone. What with the marathon last week and the elections on Tuesday (regardless of whom you voted for, it was an intense experience for all!), I think it’s safe […]

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A not so delicious cherry

Hi All, Oscar here. When you think about cherries, you think about delicious things. Cherry pie, cherry crumble, cherries, straight up. Most associations are positive. But, when an animal gets something called cherry eye, it’s not the most delicious of experiences. Last week, a dog came into the […]

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