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Knock over and destroy- Better late than never

Hi all, Oscar here. As you all well know, one of my favorite topics of discussion is how to keep your pets safe. Year round, there are a variety of potential health risks that your pet may come into contact with and I like to try to […]

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A not so funny humerus

Hi All, Oscar here. I hope you all appreciate the humor in this week’s blog’s title as much as I do; it’s just a little medical funny there for you. As you might expect, this week’s blog is about a bone called the humerus—a bone that you humans […]

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On overeating

Hi All, Oscar here. Have you ever had a urinary tract infection? If you have, you know it can be super painful. Now, imagine having a UTI that’s even more intense than a standard one and, that lasts for longer than normal? Yeah, you can only imagine […]

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Polly the Goat

Hi All, Oscar here. In keeping with the theme of the month, anxiety, I have another tale of nerves just begging to be written about. This is the story of Polly, a six month old baby goat who suffers from massive anxiety, has neurological issues and is […]

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