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Sad tales, take 2

Hi all, Oscar here. I know last week’s blog about A Dog’s Purpose, wasn’t exactly an uplifting one and though I usually do like to do a bit of a back and forth on happy vs. sad topics, I have yet another story this week that brought […]

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A Furry Faux Pas

Hi all, Oscar here. I don’t know about you all but it’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a week  for me, what with the inauguration Friday and the Women’s March on Saturday. Happy, sad, happy, sad—I’m all verklempt! And then, in the midst of this all, I got […]

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The Smartest Dog in the Room

Hi All, Oscar here. Have you ever heard of Lumosity? If not, that’s cool—that’s what I’m here for. Basically, it’s a series of games put together by scientists to help you exercise your brain. What’s the point? Well, your brain, like any part of your body requires exercise […]

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Cat selfies, at last

Hi all, Oscar here. If you’re alive in 2017, you’ve heard of a selfie. It’s where you take your phone’s camera, turn the camera around to face you, hold your hand as far away from your face as possible (or grab a selfie stick to really do […]

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A tale of a tail

Hi all, Oscar here. Aside from the obvious fur, the entire premise of pet vs. owner and, that we walk on four legs whereas you all walk on two, there is another pretty glaring difference between members of (most of) the animal kingdom and you all—the tail. […]

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