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The love of a community

Hi all, Oscar here. If you live locally, you’ve probably heard about the terrible fate of one of the apartment buildings one block over from this very office. Three weeks ago, on a chilly Saturday night, an electrical fire started in the basement and burned through an […]

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A Pet with a Higher Purpose

Hi All, Oscar here. If you’re a pet (as I imagine many of my audience are), you’re probably living a pretty good life. If you’re a cat, maybe you wake up after spending all night sleeping in a warm bed, give yourself a little lick and a […]

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Mr Bigglesworth’s Brother From Another Mother

Hi all, Oscar here. Remember how we had a 60 degree day followed by a snow storm? And we’re on the cusp of another snow storm? Well, if you’re anything like me, your body is  rejecting this drastically changing weather. We wake up in the morning and […]

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The case of a crappy colon

Hi all, Oscar here. Let’s face it. What with poopmojis, squatty pottys, dude wipes, poopurri and more, scatology is becoming, well, mainstream. Everyone does it. Everyone talks about it. Let’s stop making it a thing. And so, in the vein of scatological acceptance, this week’s post is, as […]

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