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Long Live Cats!

Hi All, Libby here. Are you beating the heat? This weather is oppressive! But you probably know that even more than I do. All of you outside-venturing folks are survivors! Well, today I want to talk about some other mammals who seem to have become survival experts. […]

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Oskie Returns!

Hey Guys, First of all, happy Spring!!! Can you smell the flowers emerging? I for one feel ready to go and get out some of this cat scratch fever! OK but enough about me. On to more important things—do you remember Oscar? That adorable little munchkin of […]

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I’m really not a hater

Hey guys, It was recently brought to my attention that I come off as a bit of a hater. That I’m not an equal opportunist reporter when it comes to the capabilities of the PPAC. That…I only report on animals of the feline persuasion. But it’s not […]

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