Prospect Park Animal Clinic also provides full boarding services for your dogs or cats if you should ever find yourself having to go away for a little bit. We will ensure your pets are happy, healthy and their needs well met.

Below are additional details you should keep in mind when choosing to board with us at Prospect Park Animal Clinic:

Hours for Pick-Up and Drop-Off:
Monday – Thursday: 9-7:30
Friday, 9-6:30
Saturday & Sunday, 9-4

Call to make an appointment

Please allow at least 20 minutes for check in and have the following information ready:

• Current vaccination record
• A list of any current medications, instructions for giving the medications, medical concerns, or requests.
• Any special food you want your pet to have.
• Any special instructions, ie: “Spot is shy with strangers and jumps at loud noises.”

Daily diet: Our boarding animals are fed a premium diet, currently Royal Canin, which is included in the boarding fee.
Special diets can be fed, however you must bring it with you.

Bedding: Small blankets, throw rugs and toys are allowed. Crates, cages and large stuffed bedding are not allowed.

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We will not sell or share you or your pet's personal information with third parties. We will use the information to respond to inquiries. From time to time, we may contact you about products, services or events that are relevant to your pet's needs.