Prospect Park Animal Clinic offers a wide range of diagnostic tools which allow us to gain further insight into what is ailing your pet.

Digital Radiography

Our very rapid and highly detailed on-site digital x-ray machine allows us to see inside of your pet's chest, abdomen, and appendages to identify changes associated with the heart, lungs, and other organs. X-rays can be used for both preventive measures (for example, to detect early changes in the size of your pet's heart before they are sick from heart disease), as well as for illness and emergency situations.


Ultrasound uses waves which travel through different parts of the body to reveal different images on a screen. Ultrasound can be used alone or in conjunction with x-rays to get a detailed picture of the size, shape, and changes in appearance of various organs in the body. Ultrasound can also be used to guide non-invasively obtained samples from organs if the doctors feel that there are changes that warrant further evaluation.

Video Endoscopy

Endoscopy involves the use of a camera on a tube which can be inserted into the gastrointestinal tract in order to see inside your pet without cutting into your pet surgically. Endoscopy is used for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. If your pet eats an object that is stuck in his or her stomach, the endoscopy can sometimes be used to remove that object, without requiring the recovery associated with abdominal surgery. Endoscopy can also be used in a minimally invasive way to obtain samples from your pet's stomach and intestines if we are trying to diagnose various gastrointestinal diseases.

Laboratory Services

Both wellness/preventive care and emergency health issues require the ability to run various diagnostic tests on blood, urine, and other body tissues. We use a combination of our in-house laboratory and a large reference lab in order to perform rapid and accurate tests which allow us to guide your pets therapy.