“First time visiting this clinic and was not disappointed! Made an appointment online and received a call from the clinic to make some adjustments. The actual appointment went smoothly, staff was friendly & the vet came to the lobby to get my dog and ask what exactly I needed. Since we’re still in a pandemic I couldn’t go in the back with my dog but I was able to wait in the lobby. At the end the doc brought my dog back to me & explained what was needed. Everything/everyone was quick & efficient.”
– Erika P.

“Asked very throughout questions and have been helpful since the moment we brought our cats in! Rocky has a sinus infection ( we know of know that’s to this clinic! ) and the last vet just gave us medicine and said he was fine. Since taking him he has gotten so much better. They really work hard to get to the bottom of it all and you can tell they all really care !”
– Kayla R.

“The Drs Silverman are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about animal care
Love Dr. Len and Dr Nick.”
– Eileen R.

“Dr. Silverman and everyone there took wonderful care of our cat yesterday, with her tooth and possible liver problems. I very much appreciated that the decisions made during surgery and about care reflected causing minimal pain while giving the best care, and not doing unnecessary diagnostics or procedures. The care was thoughtful and humane, while being totally professional. We’ve taken a few cats to the Drs. Silverman – father and son – over the years, and we think very, very highly of them.

The day after surgery, Phryne is very relaxed and purring a lot.”
– Amy P.

“We’ve been using Dr. Leonard Silverman for about 30 years now. When we first started going to PPAC, Dr. Nick Silverman was still a kid! It’s a great balance now, with Leonard having experience and being able to diagnose flawlessly, and Nick being up to date on newer methods. Tough to get an appointment lately, but worth the wait if it’s not an emergency.”
– Phyllis B.

“Helped us get USDA health certificate for our dog and cats to travel to the EU”
– Shay W.

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